It's time to say goodbye to The Mineville We have had a lot of fun killing creepers and building dirt houses

Closing Message

Minecraft has been around for years now and TMV is now over three and a half years old. That's a long time for anyone or anything.

With Mojang being purchased by Microsoft and Notch himself moving on, Bukkit being closed and the EULA making it harder for smaller servers to operate, I believe the time is right to shut down our server.

The players that we had originally are growing up and getting bored of Minecraft, I (Sekonda) have made the decision to close down The Mineville. I am not as interested in it as I was a year ago, and nowhere near as excited as when I first got it and started TMV.

We certainly could not have made it this far without the help and support of everyone that has played or contributed, either as staff donating their time or as players donating for VIP, on our server. I want to say thank you to everyone.

It's been fun,
Simon / Sekonda

Our Story & History

The Mineville was founded back in February 2011 by Sekonda, CR0SB0, Rossk01 & JPatterson629. From there it grew and grew for a while.

With the then weekly updates to Minecraft our original (OG) map became corrupt. We then moved onto a new map (Rev2) and for a year it was great, it became huge and parts were starting to break because of the updates to the regions and world generator code.

Eventually Rev2 got retired for a new world. After Rev2 the worlds were backed up more safely and securely to ensure there was no more corruption.

Later that year our primary Minecraft server got turned off while Sekonda was out of the country for a period of time. This meant that the two or three maps that were being stored there also got deleted. While we did have older backups we thought to make another new world.

After this incident map changes started to occur maybe once or twice a year to keep the maps smaller and fresher for players, however from that point we started to lose players.

We kept going and started looking for other ways to keep the player numbers stable or increasing, however there was little hope.

In 2014 we re-did everything deploying new worlds and servers to try and get the playerbase back to what it was a year ago, again this failed to work.

Which pretty much leads us up until now.

Download All Maps

Maps / Saves

Here you can download all of our maps. If you have a map that we don't, please contact us and we will add it to our list below. All 2014 maps are valid as of 15/09/2014


TMV's very first map we ever had.

Download Map

Download Empty Map


Our second map after the original corrupt.

Download Map


One of our temporary maps, mostly created by lolabunnyonacid and edthemonkey666.

Download Map


An unknown, but large map that was on TMV.

Download Map


Most 100% sure what this map is...

Download Map

Early 2014

The Map we had before we redid everything.

Download Map

2014 Survival

The last Survival world we had.

Download Map

2014 Creative

The last creative world we had.

Download Map